Groupe International Interculturel Interconvictionnel
Benoît de Nursie
A meeting of the G3i board
The Madni Mosque in Bradford (RU)
The Synagogue in Strasborug
The Ceéation - Novarank Arménie
The Klingenthal appeal (october 2013) is an important document. We would like you to visit the page on the colloquy at the château de Klingenthal. The appeal is available in seven languages. You can consult or download it.
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The G3i Interculturel, International and Interconvictionnal working group is an interconvictionnel "think tank" interconvictionnel with a view to action. For further information  click here 
The links between  universal values, in this instance human rights and  religion involved safeguarding freedom of conscience and supporting universal values by religion in general. For further information click here  
Board meetings bring together convictions at cultural, European and world levels. We also work with the European institutions.  For  Information click here.
Interconvictionality an opportunity for Europe
Working together for a plural Europe
The site includes texts on line... The first text :
Spirituality is no longer the prerogative of religions is now available.
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